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Please note: I'm currently focusing my energies on offering virtual coaching sessions (at sliding scale rates), and I'm not offering in-person bodywork sessions at this time. For a list of other recommended bodywork providers, please click here.

A blend of supportive coaching, gentle touch, meditative massage, energy work, and tantra, Sensual Bodywork sessions are the most in-depth and transformative way to work with me. 


Would you like to feel more at ease in your body and sexuality? Would you like to learn to inhabit your whole self with more sacredness, love, and acceptance? Would you like to unlock your capacity for expansive and healing pleasure? Then these sessions might be for you. 


Based on a massage table and practiced by a experienced and responsive practitioner, these sessions are designed to take you into a deeply connected awareness of your body and its sensations and pleasures. Sensual bodywork eases physical and emotional tension, supports you in learning about your body and yourself, and can heal issues around body image and responsiveness/desire. 


Sessions with me are usually about 2 to 3 hours long, and I'm usually working with clients over a series of sessions to establish a relationship and help you accomplish your goals. Sessions always begin with plenty of time to discuss any physical, emotional, or sexual issues you'd like to work with, while building trust and establishing boundaries and intentions together.
The hands-on portion of our sessions are based in gentle and sensual touch, healing and relaxing energy work, and tantric principles and techniques. We work collaboratively to help you make empowered choices about your desires, crafting a gently therapeutic experience that's all about your pleasure, presence, and feeling good in your own skin. 


Sometimes sessions are all about very deep relaxation and expansive pleasure, and other times they can be oriented more towards exploration and learning about your body and sensations. We work together to find the right balance for you in each session.


The experience is certainly relaxing and rejuvenating, but it's often more than that, too. Many find that exploring this type of bodywork turns out to be personally healing or transformative. Sometimes deeply held emotions or trauma can find release and resolution. Sometimes the experience can taste like spiritual transcendence. 


Often, it feels like coming home to yourself.  

Why explore sensual bodywork?


  • to connect with and learn about your body and sensuality

  • to relax and take time for yourself to release and renew

  • to get comfortable with receiving and expressing pleasure (be a little bit selfish!)

  • to explore and learn about new types of touch (i.e. G-spot, anal, prostate)

  • to speak openly and confidentially about your sexual life, experiences, trauma, and desires

  • to practice and experiment with communicating, asking for what you want, and granting permission to touch from a place of personal power



What is a session like?

Although each session is unique and tailored to each individual, the flow usually goes something like this. We begin by sitting down together to connect and talk about any issues you'd like to address and your intentions and boundaries for the session. When you're ready, you're invited to get comfortable on the massage table. You may choose to be fully clothed, fully nude, or draped to your level of personal comfort. (The practitioner is always clothed.)


Using mindful movement and warm oil (if desired), the gentle touch and slow meditative movement of the energy work and massage eases away tension and supports your capacity to receive and feel your body as a whole. I stay in tune with you throughout the session by following your breath and responses, encouraging energy to flow more freely. As our shared focus is on your internal experience, touch is always flowing one-way only.


Sessions have a relaxed and sensual approach that's not goal-oriented and however your body naturally responds is always fully accepted. 
At the end of our time together, we sit down once again to integrate, share, and reflect on your experience. 

"The sessions were incredibly powerful, my body responding in ways I didn't think possible. I opened up to receiving, exploring, and sheer ecstasy. Throughout, I felt safe and able to be present and expressed." – N.


"Robyn simply has the most deep-reaching and varied touch that I have ever experienced.  She can penetrate the body to engage your mind and touch your soul." – T.

Who is this for? 
Sensual bodywork is for anyone who wants to cultivate a deeper and more mindful connection to their body and sexuality. It's for anyone who wants to expand their capacity for pleasure and to let go of shame, tension, and trauma in the body. 





Sensual bodywork can be a helpful support in reclaiming sensual touch, bodily sovereignty, and physical safety when working with a history of trauma and its manifestations in the body. Working compassionately and carefully with disassociation, numbness, emotional wounding, and other post-traumatic effects is an important element of my practice. Through working with survivors of all genders, I've had the privilege of witnessing many times how the lovingly intentioned touch of sensual bodywork can be emotionally and spiritually healing. You are very welcome here.

"Never in my life have I loved myself enough to trust another person to take me to such heights of pleasure where I am floating, existing only in that moment, and feeling in tune with my body. My entire life has been full of abuse, disappointment and hurt. Part of the healing for me has been to reconnect intimate touch with pleasure instead of hurt, and realize it is okay to be selfish and self aware when I am in Robyn’s care."  – T.

I welcome people of all genders and sexual orientations in my practice, and I'm delighted by the diversity in age, race, size, and gender of my clients. There is a beautiful perfection to every naked body I've ever seen, truly and without exception. My clients are women, men, trans people, non-binary, straight, queer, bisexual, entrepreneurs, executives, creatives, first responders, sex workers, healers, survivors, veterans – well, you get the picture. 


Maybe sensual bodywork is for you.

Book your free consultation with me today.  

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