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"Robyn is intuitive, caring, and has become an integral part of my personal health care and plan for my wellbeing" 


I have an electric kettle. When it comes to a full boil, the switch is tripped to turn it off. Sometimes I am impatient to get on with it and I just flip the switch myself before it reaches that state, and pour out the hot water.  One day, I just let it be, and by not exerting my control, the water climbed slowly and  steadily to a full, thunderous, rolling boil which shook the entire counter, then settled to its peaceful rest. For me, this became a metaphor for one of the many lessons I’ve learned during my times with Robyn.


I’m still learning to let go, be solely in the moment, and try not to short circuit the sensations and feelings. Never in my life have I loved myself enough to trust another person to take me to such heights of pleasure where I am floating, existing only in that moment, and feeling in tune with my body. My entire life has been full of abuse, disappointment and hurt. Part of the healing for me has been to reconnect intimate touch with pleasure instead of hurt, and realize it is okay to be selfish and self aware when I am in Robyn’s care. She is intuitive, caring, and has quickly become an integral part of my personal health care and plan for my wellbeing. – T.




"Deep tension from years back was released"


Robyn was an amazing surprise. I did not know how the massage would go, but she made the experience relaxing, fun and rejuvenating. It was my first  massage of this kind, and as Robyn worked, deep tension from years back was released. Her touch reached into my muscles to release pain. Her words were few during the massage, though enough to help me relax more fully and stay in the experience rather than stray to thoughts of tasks I should do later. By the end of our time, I felt refreshed -- shoulds and worries having dropped away because of her healing. I highly recommend Robyn and will schedule more massages with her! – C.




"I always walk away energized, yet calm and present"


As a photographer and an entrepreneur, my creative energy is my life source, and it was during my continued search for that and for inner sense of freedom that I came upon Robyn. 


I was quite nervous on first meeting her, but that immediately melted away because she comes across as non-judgemental, open, kind, sensual and wise way beyond her years.


I thoroughly enjoyed all our conversations, before and after our sessions, I felt free to express all aspects of my desire, journey and Robyn helped me put it in context. The sessions themselves were incredibly powerful, my body responding in ways I didn't think possible, and opened up to receiving, exploring and sheer ecstasy. Throughout, I felt safe, and able to be present and expressed.


I always walk away from our sessions energized, yet calm and present, and this has carried through into my life progressively, with an expansion in my creative output that has become more daring and audacious.


I would highly recommend spending time with Robyn, whether it is to explore your sensual boundaries, creative  or personal development, or simply your relationship with physical and emotional intimacy. – N.




"More of a complete therapy than merely a sensual massage"


No matter your reason(s) for seeing Robyn, you will meet a very special individual, with many exceptional qualities.  These include remarkable patience, true non-judgemental openness, amazing insight & empathy, consistent professionalism, a supportive & nurturing soul, dedicated focus on you, incredible sensuality and an open, straightforward style. In the best possible way, she is unique.


Robyn simply has the most deep-reaching and varied touch that I have ever experienced.  She can penetrate the body to engage your mind and touch your soul.


Having experienced a number of memorable sessions with Robyn, I truly see her offering as more of a complete therapy than merely a sensual massage.  With subtlety, wisdom and provocative questions, she guides me to thoughts, insights and pleasures that are new, unexpected and very helpful.


Between her sensual bodywork, energy work, and coaching services, it would be difficult to isolate a strength. Robyn truly excels at them all, and somehow finds a way to integrate them synergistically into one noteworthy session. – T.




"The introspection needed to get my life in order"


I found Robyn, or Robyn found me, during a particularly treacherous period of my life. I was lost emotionally and professionally and was reaching out for any source of comfort I could find. Too often that meant that I was drinking too much, working too much and spending my time with ladies who would service me physically but leave me still feeling alone and lost when our time together was over.


Then there was Robyn. I'm not sure what caught my attention or why I called her but I'm glad I did. The sessions she and I have shared have given me the chance to actually relax and with that relaxation open myself up to the introspection needed to get my life in order. It sounds more like a psychotherapy session and in many regards the sessions result in emotional and psychological epiphanies but I feel that the physicality and sexuality of the session are important for finding those emotional releases. It's in those blissful spaces of sexual and emotional release towards the end of the sessions that I found an opportunity to straighten myself out.


She is the only sex professional I have met who has been able to provide this type of deeply physical but also deeply emotional experience. If you are feeling lost sexually, emotionally I would highly recommend a session with her. It may be the best thing you do for yourself. – I.




"I never imagined I have so much power and energy inside"


Life can be tough sometimes, especially as a woman. We are expected to behave in certain ways, we are expected to have specific looks. Since we are little girls, we are expected to fit in specific gender roles, and these can be really harmful to our self esteem and a detriment when building our confidence as we get older.


I’ve been in a time of my life of self learning and discovery, and this is when my journey crossed with Robyn’s. The way she has helped me to be mindful and aware of myself has made me feel more confident,  not only with my own body image but also with my sexual energy – tools that have allowed me to be stronger and empowered in everyday life (work, home, social). She has been a guide who has helped me to link my inner self, spirit and body, allowing me to release so much power and energy!!!! I never imagined I have so much inside of me.


My sessions with her always end with the question, “How did you feel?" And the most honest answer is: happy, free, in tune with my self and body, mindful of my ability to create and release pleasurable sensations, amazed of my self." 


If you want a deeper experience  that connects your self in all human spheres (spiritual , sexual and mindful), Robyn is the one!!!" – A.




"An intuitive and thoughtful guide"


My session with Robyn was part of a series of self-care actions I offered to myself after a couple of very stressful years.As a sex worker, I provide a lot of intimacy to those in great need of it and I know from conversations and exchanges I’ve had with people who have appreciated my own services how important sexual touch and exploration can be. Sex workers provide this (with the added stress of stigma and criminalization), yet we are often the last to receive without expectation.I highly recommend Robyn as an intuitive and thoughtful guide to reclaiming and enjoying intimacy and erotic touch in a safe and loving space. She is beautiful inside and out. – B.




"It really is an art form"


I want to offer my deepest thanks for today Robyn. I feel like I've gained so much insight and I've already made some plans based on what we discussed. I'm still letting the energy flow and settle where it needs to. Thank you for what you do, it really is an art form. – M.

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