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As a sexuality coach, I help adults of all genders and ages with their sexual lives and self-development.


A sexuality coach can be a partner and guide in your journey to heal your sexuality and become more comfortable, creative, and expressive as the sexual being you are. A coach supports you in transforming the way you deal with guilt or shame around your sexuality, exploring your feelings about your body, and finding ways to cultivate more self-love and acceptance. 


A coach can also help you broaden and develop your sexual education. Because perhaps your 9th grade health class left out of a few things? Like pleasure, fulfillment, boundaries and consent, and dealing with sexual challenges as they come up – to name just a few. 


What I offer is a confidential space to talk openly about your sexual life, experiences, trauma, and desires, and support in shifting frustrating patterns and creating solutions. Sexuality has a way of touching in on most aspects of our lives, so the types of discussions I'm often having with people are diverse and holistic. ALL of you is welcome here. 

"I thoroughly enjoyed all our conversations. I felt free to express all aspects of my desire and journey and Robyn helped me put it in context." – N.

My coaching style


My style of coaching is collaborative. I'm not here to tell you what to do, but to offer you focused support in exploring yourself and healing your sexuality. As a neutral witness to your story, I can help you notice and release emotional patterns that may be limiting your goals or desires.


I think one reason people find me easy to open up to is that in the work I do and the life I've led, I've "heard it all." So often we carry sexual desires or experiences like shameful secrets. Imagine what it would feel like to open up and let go of that shame? How could that improve your relationship to your sexuality, and your life more generally? Together we can address your challenges without shame, blame, or judgement.


One of the strengths I bring to my clients as a sexuality coach is the intuition and energy sensitivity I've developed as a bodyworker and energy worker. By intuitively attuning with your energy, I can help you notice shifts, openings, and blockages, and support movement and release as needed. 


And though these are talk-based sessions, what's happening in your body as we talk is always relevant and valuable information. That's why I always encourage somatic (physical) awareness as a way to support clarity and emotional shifts throughout our sessions.


It's always my hope that our work together helps you develop your own intuition and inner wisdom, so you can make choices in alignment with your deepest desires, your most authentic self, and your highest good. 


I feel very lucky to have supported thousands of people in creating lasting transformation in their lives.

"With subtlety, wisdom, and provocative questions, Robyn guides me to thoughts, insights and pleasures that are new, unexpected and very helpful." – T.

Some areas you may benefit from working on with me include: 

  • exploring sexual and gender identity and expression

  • working with sexual difficulties such as painful sex, low libido or desire, premature ejaculation, or challenges with orgasm

  • "re-learning" your sexuality through times of personal transition and aging

  • healing from sexual assault, abuse, harassment, or other trauma

  • learning to receive pleasure comfortably and set good boundaries

  • learning to own your needs and desires and communicate them confidently to sexual partners

  • working with sexual issues in relationships like lack of desire, mismatched libidos, and trauma

  • exploring open relationships



3 hour "Deep Dive" intensive coaching sessions 


Most of the time, 75 min coaching sessions are ideal, especially when pursued with some regularity over a small or long period of time. They allow for regular check-ins and steady progress. But occasionally in 75 min sessions, we're just starting to get to the heart of the issue when our time is up. 


Sometimes, you just need a deep dive. A intensive and focused look at something. And a little bit of time to warm up to it. 


That's why I developed these longer, three hour intensive sessions. These sessions allow us to create a little bubble of trust, safety, and focus together so we can unpack and explore an issue from all sides. Together we can follow the threads of emotional patterns to reach expansive clarity and healing and effect lasting transformation. 


I love these sessions, because I've witnessed first-hand the kind of change and progress that happen as a result of making time for this level of focused loving attention on an issue.

"The way Robyn has helped me to be mindful and aware of myself has made me feel more confident, not only with my own body image but also with my sexual and physical energy – tools that have allowed me to be stronger and empowered in everyday life." – A.

I think most folks, including individuals and couples, have questions or need a little help with their sexuality at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, they may not be aware of the support that's available or are afraid to reach out for assistance. 


Are you living with confusion, challenges, or a lack of fulfillment? Is sexual shame eating away at your desire and enjoyment of life? 


Unlike with other aspects of our wellness, most of us aren't taught to seek support when we're struggling with our sexuality. But if you're reading this and finding yourself nodding at any of what I've written, is it possible that it's time to prioritize your sexual health and go after that better life you know is possible? 


Coaching sessions are available over video chat or over the phone. 


If you are ready to make your sexual wellness and fulfillment a priority, get in touch with me today.  

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