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Please note: I'm currently focusing my energies on offering virtual coaching sessions (at sliding scale rates) to both individuals and couples. In-person couples workshops or bodywork sessions are not available at this time. For a list of recommended bodywork providers, please click here.

Would you like to connect to each other more deeply and intimately? Are you curious about learning new skills to experience more pleasure together and to enhance your relationship on all levels?


I offer fully customized half- and full-day private workshops for couples of all descriptions. Working 2-on-1 with me, this is a special opportunity to learn and practice skills and techniques in sensual massage, energy-based bodywork, tantra, sexual communication, and more in a hands-on, safe, and supported way. 


If you want to experience more pleasure, intimacy, and connection in your relationship, these workshop experiences might be for you. 


I also offer workshops for couples seeking support in working with post-traumatic sexual symptoms, issues around arousal and libido, and sexual pain or discomfort. 


Please contact me for more details. We'll set up a phone consultation with you and your partner to discuss what you'd like to learn, answer any questions you may have, and begin crafting an experience that's just right for you and your unique relationship. 



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