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Do you wish you could express yourself more fully and joyfully through your body and sexuality? Do you wish you knew more about sex and your body's capacity for pleasure and ecstasy? Do you feel like you could be enjoying your sexual life more, if only you could release shame, pain, or discomfort? 


My name is Robyn Red and that is what my work is dedicated to. 


As a sensual bodyworker and sexuality coach, I'm dedicated to helping you feel at home in your body and become master of your own pleasure and desire. I've been blessed to have helped thousands of individuals and couples cultivate a deeper and more mindful connection to their bodies and sexualities by expanding their capacity for pleasure and letting go of shame, tension, and trauma. 


I love this work because I'm fascinated by the ecstatic potential of the human body and by sexual expression in all its exuberant diversity. In the work I do, I'm in endless awe of the power of simple touch, attention, and breath to heal and bring us closer to our truest selves and our deepest desires.


I believe that we're all wired to experience pleasure and to enjoy our sensuality – even if we live in environments that don't always support this.


And I believe that what the world needs most is the kind of healing only a pleasure-positive, shame-free, self-loving sacred sexual revolution will create. 


So, I started with myself. 

I found myself in this work while I was finishing my master's degree. While I was passionate about what I was studying (gender and sexuality), at the time I was, like many of the clients I see today, living mostly in my head and craving... something more. On paper, I was happy and successful but more truly, I was disconnected from my body, depressed, and pursuing goals that weren't quite speaking to my heart.


So I changed direction. I worked as an escort for three years. 


As an escort, I met people from many different walks of life and got the chance to peer very intimately into their lives and hearts. Exploring eroticism, validating desire, and appreciating people's sexual bodies became all in a day's work. My soul felt fed.


Through a range of different experiences, those years pushed me to be very real about my boundaries and to tune in to my intuition. I was also investigating my own sexual self on an almost daily basis and I was often surprised at who I was meeting. By the time I was ready to quit escorting, I had come to know myself in a much deeper way than I had thought possible. I'm very grateful for all the lessons, challenges, connections, and magic I've experienced in all the different types of sex work I've done. 


But the most important thing that came out of those years was that I could no longer deny the powerful healing possibilities of sexual touch and attention. Hungry to know more, I started to study bodywork and sacred sexuality practices. I deepened my personal practices of yoga and meditation. I set to work fine-tuning the empathic sensitivities I'd struggled with my whole life. And I healed several old wounds of my own.


Working intimately with people has changed the way I see the world. Like you, I'm a work in progress. My own ongoing journey of sexual healing and personal discovery informs my work more than anything, helping me to be a faithful guide and compassionate witness in the work we do together. Though not always easy, practicing radical self-acceptance and self-love helps me appreciate the beauty and struggle in each person I meet. 


My experience & training


For over ten years now, I've pursued an eclectic path of formal and informal education. This has included training and study in tantric massage, Reiki (master level), meditative bodywork styles including Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy and the Trager Approach, traditional (Swedish) massage, acupressure and tapping, and counselling. I'm also an experienced sex education facilitator in both group and one-on-one settings, and I'm engaged in ongoing study of topics of ethics and consent in sexual bodywork. 


While I began working mostly with men, for many years now my practice has been beautifully diverse. I've helped thousands of women, men, non-binary, trans, and queer folks all looking to connect with themselves and their bodies. (Which I think is pretty awesome.) Each one has taught me something that has developed my skills and knowledge (not to mention my self-knowledge).


I bring over a decade of conscious experience and dedicated study in this craft to each session I offer and each person I meet. Still, I believe the most valuable pursuit for my practice is the ongoing personal work I do to cultivate an open heart.


Outside of this work, I'm also an artist and my creative life of writing and painting sustains me and keeps me busy. My soul feeds on long walks, the company of trees, myths and dreams, and good music on my headphones. I'm a queer and sensitive creature, and a bit of nerd. 


What makes my heart sing and fills me with a deep sense of purpose is helping people creatively embrace and nurture themselves. Body, mind, and soul. 

If you are ready to come home to your body and sexuality, book your free consultation with me today.   

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